Smoking cannabis and concentrates has come a long way in the last 5 years. In fact, 5 years ago dabbing was a fairly new word within the cannabis community. Over the past few years many new accessories have been introduced to accommodate stoners needs whether they be for dry herb or concentrate use. Some popular smoking accessories today that weren’t popular 5 years ago are silicone bongs, quartz nails, and carb caps & dabbers.


Silicone Bongs


Over the last few years silicone has become one of the most popular material used to manufacture smoking items. Arguably the most popular smoking item made of silicone is the silicone bong. It’s no secret how expensive glass pieces can be, and how susceptible glass is to breaking, however with silicone you no longer have to worry about these problems. Not only are silicone bongs cost effective, but they are virtually indestructible! Some of the most notable brands that are manufacturing silicone bongs are Eyce, Aqua Lab Technologies, and Waxmaid. In fact, Aqua Labs has created a hybrid bong that is made of both silicone and glass. The hybrid bong consists of 3 pieces. The first piece is the silicone neck. The second piece is made of thick glass and acts as a bridge in order to connect the first piece and third piece together. Within this glass bridge is a showerhead perc, which provides amazing filtration. The last piece is the base which is also made of silicone, and is available in either beaker or straight tube form. It’s always great to try new things, so why not reap the benefits of a silicone bong?


Quartz Nails


The process of dabbing is fairly new, but has gained popularity over the past 5 years due to it providing arguably the most efficient way of consuming concentrates and oils. As a result, many accessories for dabbing have been created like quartz nails. Quartz nails, also referred to as “quartz bangers” are great additions to dab rigs. Quartz nails offer an efficient way to consume concentrates and oils. Quartz is more durable than glass and does not crack when exposed to high temperatures. In addition, quartz nails retain heat well and provide a ton of flavor when dabbing. To use, simply insert your nail into your rig and torch the nail in order to heat it to the optimal temperature. Once the nail is heated you can dab away and enjoy the smooth and flavorful smoke from your rig. Over the last few years as quartz nails have gained more and more popularity dabbers have developed preferences of how they like to consume their concentrates from their bangers. As a result, many variations and different styles have been introduced. Of such are thermal bangers, toro reactor bangers, capsule bangers, enail bangers, and more. Since the dabbing process is fairly new, be sure to be on the lookout for new styles of quartz nails.


Carb Caps & Dabbers


To go along with your dab rig and quartz nail you’re going to need a carb cap & dabber tool. Once your quartz nail is torched and ready to go, a dabber tool provides you with a way to scoop your concentrates and dab into your banger. Dabbers are essential tools due to them providing convenience. It’d fairly difficult to dab without using a dabber tool. Initially when dabber tools were introduced they were available in titanium form, however today they’re available in quartz and ceramic form. Just like how dabbers have developed preferences on quartz bangers, they’ve developed preferences on the material their dabber tool is made of. All style dabber tools provide a different experience, and to truly understand which style you prefer, you have to experiment a little bit.

            Once you have a quartz banger and a dabber tool you have the essential accessories needed for dabbing, however a carb cap is what will really take your dabbing experience to another level. Carb caps were introduced in July of 2013, and they provide a way to dab concentrates at low temperatures. As a result, your provided with a smoother, tastier, and more pleasant dabbing experience from your rig. As your concentrates are dabbed into the nail, a potent smoke is created within the rig. This process is referred to as an open system because your concentrates are applied to an ultra hot nail while exposed to normal atmospheric pressures. Temperatures for dabbing must be very high, often exceeding the point at which oils boil and smoke. These extreme temperatures minimize the loss of oil and completely combusts larger quantities.

            The open system approach works well in providing a unique THC and hash oil experience, however it reduces the flavor and quality of smoke coming from your rig because the part of the dab that is exposed to the high temperature nail first is subject to more heat than the rest of the dab. As a result, this leads a harsh taste and unpleasant dabbing experience. The use of a carb cap can effectively close the open system by altering the way concentrates interact with heat. This ultimately provides a more flavorful dabbing experience and less irritation when inhaling smoke from your rig.


May 25, 2018 by Shervin Mohseni