Over the last 5 years dabbing has become more and more popular to the point where it has become one of the most preferred ways for smokers to enjoy a sesh. Dabbing provides a unique and more concentrated way of enjoying your legal concentrates through the use of a water pipe or “dab rig.” These rigs are usually smaller than your typical water pipe you’d use for dry herb, however they can be used for both concentrates and dry herb. A common question people ponder in their heads is, “how do I dab?” In order to be able to enjoy a rig and make the dabbing experience convenient, some essential accessories are needed. These accessories include a quartz banger, butane torch, dabber tool, carb cap, and dab mat.


Quartz Banger


A quartz banger, also referred to as a “quartz nail” is a type of nail to be inserted in your dab rig.  Similar to the relationship between a bowl piece and dry herb, a banger is where you insert your concentrates and is the main connection point between your concentrates and water pipe. There are many benefits using a quartz nails vs. using as ceramic or titanium nail.


  1. Heat Retention: The most important aspect of dabbing is temperature control, and that is where quartz thrives. Titanium, glass, and ceramic materials have difficulty retaining heat. As a result, it makes it difficult to find the sweet spot in your nail when dabbing. With quartz, the thicker the material, the better the heat retention. For example, a 4mm thick quartz bucket should provide enough heat retention to dab twice before having to use your butane torch again.
  2. Durability: Quartz looks very similar to glass; however, it provides much more durability. When glass is exposed to high temperature it is susceptible to breaking or cracking. On the contrary, quartz materials can be heated for long periods of times without breaking or cracking.
  3. Flavor: Arguably the most important benefit received from dabbing with a quartz banger is the flavor provided. Titanium nails often provide a metal taste; however, quartz allows you to enjoy the tasty flavor from your dab.


Butane Torch


Regardless if you’re using a quartz, titanium, or ceramic nail, a butane torch is an absolute necessity when dabbing. A torch allows you to heat your nail at a rapid pace. If you were to try heat your nail with a lighter rather than a torch, it could be disastrous.


Dabber Tool


Once your quartz nail is torched and ready for use, you’re going to need a dabber tool to scoop your concentrates and place them into your banger. Dabber tools are available in quartz, titanium, and ceramic materials. All 3 types serve the same purpose, but each provide a different experience. Choosing what kind of dabber to use will be a decision you’ll have to make based on personal preference and experience.  


  1. Quartz Dabber: A quartz dabber is made from quartz material and is able to withstand hot temperatures without cracking. In addition, when combining a quartz banger with a quartz dabber, the amount of flavor you’ll receive from your dabbing experience will be like no other! Unfortunately, these tools are fragile, and if dropped on the floor there’s a good chance they’ll break.
  2. Ceramic Dabber: If you’re looking for a dabber tool that’ll provide the most flavor from your dab, a ceramic dabber tool is your best bet. In addition, a ceramic tool provides durability, and should last a long time if taken care of.
  3. Titanium Dabber: Arguably the most durable dabber tool you can think of is the titanium dabber tool. Titanium won’t provide the flavor you’d receive from a quartz or ceramic tool, however it’ll provide you with a dependable tool that’ll last a long time.


Carb Cap


As stated earlier, a dab rig is complimented by a nail that is made of either quartz, ceramic, or titanium. The nail is heated with a butane torch, and the concentrate is dabbed onto it with a dabber tool. This process is referred to as on open system, which means the dab is applied to the heated nail while exposed to normal atmospheric pressures. This system works well, however flavor and quality of smoke is sacrificed due to the uneven distribution of heat to your concentrate material. As a result, this leads to a harsh taste.


A carb cap is a tool that closes the open system, and changes the way your concentrates interact with heat. A carb cap creates a more flavorful and smoother dabbing experience. With a carb cap you are able to dab at lower temperatures than you’d normally be able to.


Dab Mat


A dab mat is a fairly new accessory; however, it provides a ton of value, A dab mat provides you with a protective surface area to place your water pipe on. They’re available in silicone form and rubber form. A silicone mat isn’t as thick and shock absorbent as a rubber mat, however silicone is a non-stick material so you are able to safely place your concentrates directly on the mat without them sticking to the mat. A rubber mat is made of shock absorbent material similar to a mouse pad. Therefore, you’re provided with protection for the base of your water pipe. It’s very common for the base to shatter, however with a shock absorbent dab mat you no longer need to worry.    


June 23, 2018 by Shervin Mohseni