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Some essential dab tools needed to compliment your rig are dab nails, dabbers, carb caps, and torches.  Dab Nails are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and designs. They are made of quartz, titanium, or ceramic. Dabbers are used to scoop your legal oils and place into the trench of your dab nail, while carb caps are used to create a trap with minimal airflow for your legal oils to vaporize within. Carb caps help cool down the air and vapor that are trapped between the carb cap and nail. Similar to your nail, carb caps and dabbers can be made of quartz, titanium, or ceramic.  To heat your dab nail you will need to use a torch or an e-nail (electronic nail). E-nail's can help control the temperature you are dabbing at. In addition to these items you may want to purchase silicone containers and a dab mat. Silicone containers provide you with non-stick and smell-proof storage of your materials, while a dab mat can be used as safe and sturdy place to hold your waterpipe on.

For the banger nails featured on our website, you'll find them in many different sizes. To determine which size is best for your waterpipe you'll need to know the size and gender of your waterpipe's joint.  If your waterpipe has a 18mm male joint, then you'll want to purchase a 18mm female banger nail. Banger nails are great to use with your waterpipe if you have grown tired of using a dome and nail. When using a torch with your banger, all you need to do is torch the underside of the bangers trench, and then place your legal oils in the trench when the right temperature is met.

Banger nails are known for being made of quartz, however there are nails that are made of titanium and ceramic. If you're looking for a quality and durable nail, titanium is your way to go. If you're looking for a nail that heats slower but offers quality flavor, then ceramic is your way to go. Quartz and ceramic nails are more susceptible to cracks and breaks, while titanium offers more durability.

Dab mats are a great item to place your waterpipe on when you're at home. Dab mats can help prevent your waterpipe from slipping off a table and breaking, which will ultimately save you a ton of money. Silicone dab mats are non-stick, therefore you can place your concentrates on your silicone dab mat and scoop them with your dabber whenever you are ready to go.