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Aqua Silicone Hybrid Shower Head Water Pipe


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Introducing the newly designed 12" Diffused Silicone Hybrid Water Pipe. This new twist on an old favorite combines the unbreakable design of the silicone bong together, with the clear and reliable functionality of a glass piece. The removable, optional multi-slit diffused showerhead perc provides smooth and powerful hits and the silicone body includes 3 ice pinches, wide base and a silicone splash guard. This versatile hybrid bong can be used without the showerhead perc for those who prefer something smaller in size. To use, simply remove the middle clear glass piece, attach the top silicone half to the bottom and you are ready to puff out of your mini silicone bong. This easy to clean, one of a kind food grade silicone hybrid herb bong also includes a 14mm clear glass one hole push flower bowl with matching downstem. Perfect for outdoor adventures, travel or a solo smoke sesh, the Silicone Hybrid Diffused Bong is available at Aqua Lab Technologies today in a variety of color combinations. 

Silicone Bong Features:

  • Hybrid design (use with or without showerhead perc)
  • Food grade silicone
  • 3 ice pinches
  • Glass multi-slit showerhead perc
  • Wide suction cup base
  • Removable splashguard
  • 14mm one hole push bowl
  • 14/18mm Diffused downstem
  • Break resistant
  • Available in different colors
  • Perc easily removes for cleaning
  • Complete height: 12.25 inches
  • Downstem length: 4.00 inches
  • Base diameter: 4.5 inches

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