Bongs, also referred to as "water pipes," are arguably the most popular way of enjoying a smoke sesh. They've changed dramatically over the years, but the ultimate purpose and goal has continued to stay the same. Unlike papers and conventional pipes, glass bongs provide a smoother and more filtered way of enjoying a smoke.

When these water pipes had initially emerged they were not made of glass, but from wood, acrylic, and ceramic materials. However, Once they were introduced they quickly became the #1 option for smokers. They provided something all smokers dreamed of, high quality filtered smoke to vape from. Glass bongs not only provide a smoother and more filtered smoking experience, but they are easy to clean and if taken care of can last an eternity. As mentioned before, they are an upgrade from papers and conventional pipes because they allow you to filter your dry herb and tobacco through water. In addition, many bongs feature different styles of percolators. Perc bongs filter your smoke even further, and provide an even cooler and smoother hit. Some different styles of percolators are honeycomb percs, showerhead percs, and tree percs. It's important to keep your bongs clean, and with a perc bong it can become difficult to clean your glass. Therefore, it'd be a wise decision to purchase a bottle of 420 Cleaner along with your glass bong.

Silicone bongs are a new style that have been introduced recently. Silicone bongs are unique because not only do they function well, but they are break proof. Many people break their glass, but with silicone this issue is diminished. Arguably the most innovative silicone water pipe is the Aqua Hybrid Silicone Shower Head Water Pipe. This water pipe is hybrid, meaning it is made of both silicone and glass.

What are some different kinds of bongs and bong features?

Aside from perc bongs, there are base bongs. Some styles of base bongs are beaker bongs and straight tube bongs. Bongs can come in all different body styles and sizes. Another water pipe feature is joint size. Joint sizes are available in 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. Before purchasing a bowl piece, make sure it is compatible with your bong joint. 

Why should I purchase a bong from The Source of All?

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