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The Puffco Peak is a revolutionary portable rig for concentrates, and it is known for being the first ever "Smart Rig." The Peak allows you to get the most out of your concentrates by allowing you to enjoy the potency, flavor, and effects of the plants they come from to the fullest degree. As a result, you get the full experience when vaping concentrates from this smart rig. The Peak is easy to use with no learning curve.

The technology behind the Puffco Peak is like no other vaporizer. To start, there are 4 unique heat settings. whether you enjoy small clouds, big clouds, loads of flavor, or long sessions, there is a setting for you! Typical rigs can take up to 3 minutes to heat, however the Peak only takes 20 seconds! The smartware behind the Peak is amazing because it can adjust heat times if your bowl is still hot, as a result you're provided with a more consistent experience after each use and when in sesh-mode. Next, the LED light within the vape provides battery and heat cycle indicators when needed, and is concealed itself when they are not needed. In addition, haptic feedback keeps your timing consistent when vaping so timing is spot on and you're guaranteed to produce the perfect rip. Last, the Peak is super fast charging and long lasting. It takes up to 2 hours to charge, and will last for up to 30 dabs.


  • Puffco Peak
  • 4 Heat Settings
  • 20 Second Heat Up Time
  • LED Battery Life & Heat Indicator 
  • Sesh-Mode Functionality 
  • 2 Hour Charge Time
  • Haptic Feedback

What's Included:

  • (1) Puffco Peak Device
  • (1) Cleaning Swab
  • (1) Extra Ceramic Bowl & Carb Cap
  • (1) Carrying Case
  • (1) USB Cable and Charger 

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