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6" HoneyDew Glass Showerhead Perc


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Dab Rigs, sometimes referred to as "oil rigs" or "concentrate pipes" provide an enjoyable way to consume legal essential oils and concentrates. The dabbing experience has come a long way since when it first grew popularity. Originally, dabbers would attach a nail to a large water pipe in order to enjoy their legal essential oils. As a result, dabbers would experience long drags when inhaling from their bongs, which was not a pleasant experience. Fast forward to today, manufacturers have created and are continuing to create concentrate rigs intended to be used specifically for dabbing. These dab rigs are smaller than original water pipes and provide more flavor. The vapor produced from concentrate rigs creates less drag than using a water pipe, and you will notice many different percs and chambers in our dab rigs for sale. The chambers and percolators are used as passage ways for smoke to travel through the rig in order to be filtered and provide the smoothest and tastiest vapor delivered to your lungs. For those who enjoy dabbing from larger bongs and rigs, but don't enjoy the long drag created, there's no need to panic! Larger designed rigs are becoming more and more popular and are emerging more frequently. Our favorite brands are beginning to design larger bongs with small chambers with long and narrow glass tubing. As a result, bong lovers who also love concentrates are able to receive the best of both worlds, a large bong that provides quality vapor from concentrates. These features and designs may have already been noticed by looking at faberge egg dab rigs. Although they're not considered small concentrate rigs, the vapor traveled is still tight and filtered just as well if not better than smaller rigs. Once the vapor is in contact with the glass and water from your rig, it instantaneously cools down to create the perfect temperature vapor to be released from your rig.

The Source of All offers a wide variety of vapor rigs ranging from different brands, styles, sizes, and colors. We are proud to be able to offer the widest selection of oil rigs and glass concentrate pipes on the world wide web. All of our items are inspected thoroughly before stocked on our shelves in order to ensure our customers are receiving quality oil rigs. All of our rigs and other glass products are made of high quality borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass ensures our oil rigs are durable and are able to withstand heat and stress from continuous use. Browse out collection to choose from a variety of styles, percolators, designs, and colors we offer for sale. In addition, we offer recyclers, bubblers, and other style of concentrate pipes. If you're looking for a rig, but don't have the money to spare, be sure to check out our dab rigs under $100 collection. We promise you'll find a quality piece that fits your budget.

Once you find the ideal dab rig, you'll realize theres a number of accessories available for your new water pipe, but don't get overwhelmed! We've organized our website in order to make it easy for you to understand and find the accessories needed to add to your rig. The first accessory you should consider is a dab nail. To find a dab nail that fits your preference you'll need to understand the material its made from and what each material provides you with. A titanium nail provides durability and heats up quickly. As a result, you won't need to torch it for a long period of time in order to reach optimal temperature. On the contrary, quartz glass takes a longer time to heat up, however many dabbers prefer quartz nails because they retain heat well and are convenient to use. Lastly, ceramic nails provide the most flavor of any dab nail available. They take longer to heat, however the slow raise in heat results in smooth transfer and a flavorful vape experience. In addition, you may find some carb caps & dabbers that'll complement your rig well. Dabbers are skinny tools that are used to help utilize your concentrates, while carb caps are dome shaped and provide an efficient and smoother dabbing experience by covering your dab nail and preventing any vapor from escaping. They can also help dictate air flow.