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6" Mini Hobee Silicone Water Pipe


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Silicone bongs, also referred to as "silicone waterpipes," function just as well as glass waterpipes. Many people have transitioned towards using silicone bongs because they provide functionality, durability, and they are are affordable. The biggest issue people have with their glass water pipes is dropping and breaking their glass. The process of breaking glass and then purchasing a replacement piece is not fun, however with silicone you no longer have to stress about breaking your water pipe. Now you can travel stress free with your bong and enjoy seshes while on-the-go.  

We also offer Silicone bongs that use a combination of glass and silicone. The Aqua Silicone Hybrid Shower Head Waterpipe is an example of one such. The majority of this waterpipe is made from glass except for the glass percolators. Aqua is the first to introduce a hybrid waterpipe.