Suorin iShare Starter Kit Vaporizer 1400mAh


Brand Suorin

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Over the years vaporizers, also known as vapes, have become ever so popular due to their perceived health benefits over conventional smoking. Vaporizers use a special technology which either uses convection, conduction, or a combination of both in order to generate vapor from your material instead of using combustion. When combustion occurs unhealthy chemicals (carcinogens etc...) are released. Many rolling papers and cigar wraps contain materials that are undesired by some to inhale. On the other hand, vaporizers allow you to inhale exactly what you want, pure vapor from herb or oil to enhance the effect in the healthiest way possible.

Vaporizers are either used for dry herb, concentrate, or e-cig use. There are many vape companies in the industry that all offer a different type of vaporizer. Most handheld vaporizers on the market offer a heating chamber either metal of ceramic, and a battery or energy source. The majority of handheld vaporizers use conduction which offers a heating element through the use of a coil. Through our many years in the industry, The Source of All is able to offer some of the best vaporizers on the market. If you're looking for the best concentrate and dry herb vapes, check out our collection of Yocan vaporizers. Yocan has established themselves as a leader in the vape industry offering quality vapes at the best price. The Source of All offers all Yocan products including limited edition color ways.

If you're looking for an e-cig vaporizer, we got you covered! We carry some of the most reputable brands on the market like Smok, Suorin, and JUUL. Smok has established themselves as industry leaders. The functionality of their mods is subpar to none!

Suorin and JUUL provide a more discreet style of e-cig vaporizer. They are easier to carry around and provide amazing functionality as well. Many people are on the hunt for Suorin Replacement Pods and JUUL Pods. The Source of All has you covered with all your Suorin and JUUL accessory needs.