10" HoneyDew Glass Stereo Perc


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This HoneyDew Glass Stereo Perc Water Pipe is made from thick borosilicate glass and features beautiful artwork. The oil rig is equipped with a Stereo Percolator that creates smooth and tasty vapor. The rig has a 3.5" base and a small 1" thiner straight tube that's easy to put your mouth on. It features a 90 degree 14mm female joint, and comes with a matching 14mm male bowl piece.


  • HoneyDew Glass
  • Dimensions: 10"
  • Base Width: 3.5"
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • Comes with 14mm Male Bowl 
  • 4" Base
  • Stereo Percolator
  • Glass Artwork
  • Dewars Joint
  • 1" Thinner Straight Tube