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Highroller Pack-n-grind in 30 Secs.


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We know that rolling is a Labor of Love and you enjoy every minute of it… but for all those other times, we have the answer. All-in-one and Portable, GRIND & PACK your Perfect and Consistent Roll in seconds.

Grind, Roll and Pack your Cone or Fastpack in 30 seconds!

 Premium Polycarbonate for Effortless Shredding.

 Magnetically Sealed Lid.

 Triple Polished & Scratch Resistant.

 Transparent Design lets you see the process from Start to Finish.

 Storage with Tight Closure for Freshness and Odor Control.

 Includes Packer to assist with filling Cones and Cleaning Grinder

 Portable size that fits in most pockets.

 Product Size: 1.6" x 1.6" x 5"



All-Natural Pre-Rolled Rolling paper - 18 PER BOX.

FASTPACK was developed using No-Glue Paper Stich process. All Natural Rolling Paper that's unbleached and chlorine free. Unlike the competition our Pre-rolls are made without glue or gumming, smoke what you want without any additives.

Our unique design lets you adjust the size & density of your roll, while providing а smoother & fuller pull. Adjustable up to 6 inches.

Enjoy a perfect roll every time.