9.75" Inline Perc Beaker Bong


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You can't go wrong with the Dabs Glass Inline Perc Beaker Bong! Aside from the amazing features, the first thing we notice is the awesome vinyl stickers across the piece. In addition, the colored accents provide a beautiful touch. The piece is 9.75" tall, and was constructed with thick borosilicate glass. The built in downstem is an inline dotted perc, which provides high quality diffusion from this beaker bong. The joint is a 14mm Male, and with your purchase comes a matching 14mm Female bowl piece.


  • Dabs Glass Beaker Bong
  • Dimensions: 9.75"
  • Base Width: 4.5"
  • 14mm Male Joint
  • Comes w/ 14mm Female Bowl
  • Flared Mouthpiece
  • Dabs Vinyl Stickers
  • Triple Ice Pinch
  • Thick Borosilicate Glass