Dual 4mm Quartz Banger


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The Source of All

How can it get can any better than 1 banger? 2 bangers in 1! The dual 4mm quartz banger features a unique twin banger nail design. It's difficult to understand the concept of this banger by looking at photos, so we'll explain. To start, one banger is connected to a central airway while the other is connected to it with a glass tube. The purpose of the glass tube is to act as a secondary air gateway and to lead the vapor to the main airway, which ultimately leads to the rig. This intricate design allows both quartz banger nails to be used simultaneously. This quartz banger is available in different joint sizes and genders: 14mm male, 14mm female, 19mm male, and 19mm female.


  • The Source of All Quartz Nail
  • Made of Quartz
  • Joint Gender Options: Male/Female
  • 14mm Joint
  • 19mm Joint
  • Double Banger Design