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 The Journey2 Pipe is a revolutionary hand pipe. It is designed with filter gas technology. This means there is no clogging and use of screens when using the the Journey2 pipe. It is made with 3 pieces from Zinc alloy. As a result, the Journey2 pipe doesn't break, stays cool, and provides you with quality smoke. The Journey pipe is equipped with a magnetic lid, which helps prevent any spillage or air leaking from occurring. The lid is known as the snap-action lid, it can be pushed from left to right allowing for easy lighting.

Cleaning the Journey Pipe is a simple process and can be done in less than 30 seconds. Simply pop open the magnetic lid, clean with an antibacterial wipe, and snap it back together. The Journey Pipe comes with a pocket case.Just pop it open and clean it with an alcohol wipe. In 30 seconds, you’ll have a fresh, clean pipe.

The Journey Pipe Comes with a pocket-friendly box that has enough room to not only fit the Journey2, but a lighter and some extra smoking material.


  • Journey2 Pipe
  • Filter Glass Technology 
  • Dimensions: 4.5"
  • High Functionality
  • Easy to Clean
  • Come with Pocket-Friendly Box

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