Pipe Pods for Maze & Slider Pipes, 5 Pc


Brand Weedgets

Pipe Pods for Maze & Slider Pipes, 5 Pc is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

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  •    No oxidation
  •    No metal taste
  •    Lid snaps onto bowl
  •    Excellent draw
  •    Very easy to wash
  •    Use with unground flower
Finally stainless steel BOWL-POD for MAZE and SLIDER pipes with the LID - no flower falling out. This is the only bowl on the market that does not you reqire to grind the flower. The kiln effect inside the POD burns unground flower really well. This high-end bowl-pods are designed for your enhanced pleasure and its very convinient for travel. Just pre-pack as many as you need for your trip. Pop them in and out of your pipe. High end surgical grade stainless steel provides most safe inhalations, no oxidation, no metal taste. These Pods are very easy to clean - just soak them overnight in isopropyl alcohol and rinse under water