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The Puffco Plus is a revolutionary concentrate and wax vaporizer that has capitalized on addressing flaws from past wax vaporizers and making improvements with this vaporizer. The Puffco Plus features a coil free heating unit, which helps to eliminate clogging. As a result, the vaporizer life is prolonged.

Coil-less Heating Chamber

The coil-free heating unit utilizes convection rather than conduction in order to create some of the cleanest and purest vapor imaginable. The coil-less chamber also makes it easy to clean the vaporizer and prevent any clogs. 

Magic Wand

Measuring at 13 centimeters, the Puffco Plus resembles a magic wand. The Plus is sleek in design and looks like a stylish vaporizer. After loading the heating chamber, the vaporizer can be drawn 30-50 times. The vaporizer also features a unique technology that shuts the Pen off after 8 seconds of non-usage.


Within the Puffco Plus you will find a dart. The dart creates a convenient way to load the vape and also help prevent clogging. The essential purpose of the dart is for it to be used like a nail in order to preserve the flavor of the wax and concetrate material.

Temperature Settings

The temperature setting on the vaporizer can be adjusted easily by pressing the power button rapidly four times. There are 3 temperature settings and they are:

  • Green: Low
  • Blue: Medium
  • Red: High

Sesh Mode

Similar to the Puffco Pro 2, the Plus features a sesh mode setting. This setting creates a one-of-a-kind 12 second continuous vapor experience. To enable this setting, simply press the cloud button twice.

How To Use The Puffco Plus

  • Turn the device on by clicking the cloud button 5 times
  • Choose the temperature setting by clicking the cloud button 4 times
  • Hold the cloud button and inhale.


  • (1) Puffco Plus Vape Pen
  • (1) Additional Heating Chamber
  • (1) USB Charging Unit
  • (1) User Manual