Smokers Travelling Kit Combo


Brand Silikit
USD 42.95 In of Stock
The Source of All
  • Bubbler – 4″
  • Silicone Pipe
  • Rig
  • Heavy Duty Travel Case
  • Silicone Pipe With Build in Glass Bowl
  • 18mm Quartz Banger 4MM

These SILIKIT Smoking Kit Bundles guys aren't so silly when it comes to designing the perfect smoking kit for travelers and those on the go. This is your daily toke bundle ready for you on the fly wherever and whenever you find yourself ready for some toking action.

It's really the coolest and most clever thing. A 3 in 1 type deal, meaning you get 3 different options of smoking styles in 1 place... right here. in this carrying case... yes, this thing, right here... its a silicone hand pipe with a glass bowl. Its a dab or oil rig with a quartz banger, and yes, its a bubbler too! and yes, it has everything in it to do all these things. (yes, its a bonafide miracle.) SILIKIT Smoking Kit Bundles

And on top of all that, you actually look cool while you're using this case because it's the cutest thing and available in a variety of colors. Get one today, you won't regret it.