Yocan Hive Atomizer


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The Yocan Hive Atomizers are authentic Yocan brand replacement heating elements for the Yocan Hive Vaporizer

The replacement atomizers are made available in two different styles, each provide a different type of consistency. The first style atomizer is for thin essential legal oils and the other atomizer is for thicker legal concentrates. 

The 1.8 ohm coil option is a small tank style atomizer that is designed for use with thin O's. This cartridge features a wick style atomizer with innovative top fill method that allows you to maximize the overall tank capacity while also completely eliminating the possibility of leakage.

When choosing the 1.0 atomizer, you will receive the cartridge for thick legal concentrate material. This atomizer comes stocked with a pure glass quartz heating element that will deliver only the purest and cleanest quality of vapor imaginable.

Each of the Hive Replacement Cartridges come equipped with a magnetic connector that makes replacing as easy as can be. Simply remove your old atomizer, drop in the new cartridge and the strong magnetic connection will do the rest.

Quickly restore your Hive Vaporizer to it's former glory with these replacement atomizers from Yocan Tech.

Styles: (You Choose)

- Thin O Cartridge (5 pack)
- Conc. (5 pack)