Do you want to get double eyelid surgery for your European Eyelids Style (ตาสองชั้นสายฝอ, which is the term in Thai)? Then, do you think of yourself as an ideal candidate for said treatment? Read the article till its end to know the candidature for double eyelid surgery and who is not suitable for this.

Who Is The Right Candidate For Double Eyelid Surgery

Generally, people with good physical condition and no vision problems can be the right ones for double eyelid surgery. In most countries, people with age 35 or middle-aged ask for treatment. In rare cases, people as young as 18 also ask for treatment. The patient should with the following qualities are considered a good candidate for double eyelid surgery:

– Patients with sagging skin or droopy upper or lower lids can get the treatment.

– Having excessive fat acids in the body and puffiness can ask for the double eyelid surgery treatment.

– People with bags under the eyes or droopiness can get that treatment.

– Owner of good physical health and with no smoking habit.

Who Is Not A Good Candidate For Double Eyelid Surgery

Double eyelid surgery is generally not to fix the excessive fat and the excess skin from the eye area. You should not get the European Eyelids Style if you have:

– Dark circles under your eyes.

– Wrinkles under your eyes

– Droopy eyebrows that are uneven also

– Have a habit of smoking

– Have eye problems like dry eyes

How Double Eyelid Surgery Is Performed

At first, the doctor removes fatty tissue using an instrument from the upper eyelid. In most cases, a small amount of muscle tissue is removed. In the case of lower eyelids, the surgeon generally pulls up the eyelid and removes excess fat. How much it’s extracted depends upon the patient and eye condition. The procedure may vary as per the patient. You need to discuss everything with your doctor and choose the right one.


Once the treatment is done, you can get firm and sag less skin, and the puffiness will be removed after the procedure. You can get a fantastic improvement in your overall appearance that will last for years.

If you think of yourself as an ideal candidate, then contact the nearest plastic surgeon in your area and discuss the European Eyelids Style you want to have.