Retaining your staff has always been a challenge, but thanks to things like quiet quitting and rising costs, morale is lower than ever. Low morale can lead to losses in productivity and even resignations – both of which are harmful to your business. There are several ways to combat this, but one of the simplest and most effective ways is to provide a better working environment for your staff. 

Here are some simple ways to provide a better working environment for your staff: 

Invest in facilities management

No one wants to spend time in a dirty or untidy office. However, keeping a workplace clean requires work. This is just one of the ways that a facilities management company can help your business. They will be able to provide highly trained staff who can not only tidy daily mess and reduce the risk of pests, but they can also help to limit the spread of germs and bacteria that can harm your staff. 

These companies can also provide security services, such as installing and operating CCTV or providing manned guarding to protect your premises and those who visit them. All of these steps will show your staff that you care about them and their well-being whilst also providing them with a cleaner and safer workplace to turn up to every day. 

Create a healthy workplace culture

The culture of your workplace will directly impact the happiness of your employees. Examples of poor workplace culture are ones where bullying is tolerated or overworking is prioritised. This will drive your staff away and make it harder for you to replace them. A healthy workplace culture is one where staff and management feel respected, communication is open and honest, and ultimately, people want to turn up every day and do their best at their jobs. 

A company’s culture starts from the stop, so make sure that you lead by example when it comes to the culture that you want to create. Also, don’t forget that culture isn’t achieved but maintained, so keep a regular eye on the atmosphere within your business. 

Ensure that breaks are taken

Breaks are essential for everyone. Not just because they’re legally mandated, but because they help to maintain and increase productivity. The problem is that many workplaces have an attitude of pushing through or working harder for success. This attitude leads to burned-out and disgruntled employees who will be less productive and more likely to leave your business. Simple steps like mandatory lunch breaks and ‘no lunch at your desk’ rules can help to ensure that people are taking the breaks that they need. 

Promote a healthy work-life balance

Lastly, look to address the work-life balance of your employees. They should not be spending additional time working or stressing about their jobs. Ensure that your staff aren’t working past their contracted hours, checking emails on days off, and having the time to enjoy their personal lives and take care of their families. Doing so will encourage your staff to return the respect that you have afforded to them back to you. 


By following the tips in this guide, you can provide a better working environment for your employees!