A skincare essential, the cleanser purifies the skin of unwanted impurities. An integral aspect of a skincare routine, as it helps to keep the skin clean and healthy. A variety of cleansers exist, each with its boasting distinct advantages.

The selection of cleanser (คลีนเซอร์, which is the term in Thai) depends on your skin type and specific concerns. A delicate cleanser is necessary to combat dry skin without aggravating it. Having oily skin requires a cleanser that thoroughly removes both oil and dirt. Given your skin type, the most appropriate cleanser is one designed to prevent acne.

Types Of Cleansers

Water-based cleansers reign supreme in popularity. Their mildness makes them a versatile option for any skin, without causing any discomfort. They are also the most effective at removing makeup.

1. Water-based cleansers:

Skin type agnostic, these cleansers are the most sought after. Providing equilibrium of comfort and efficiency, these products are the most suitable for makeup removal.

2. Oil-based cleansers:

These cleansers’ effectiveness may be traded for dryness. These items prove most advantageous for those with oily or acne-prone skin.

3. Micellar water cleansers:

Oil-soluble molecules allow the cleansers to absorb and remove dirt and oil with ease. The flexibility of micellar water is largely due to its non-irritating and mild properties.

4. Foaming cleansers:

Cleansers’ bubble-like composition enables their removal of skin imperfections. Optimal for those with oily skin are these products.

5. Gel cleansers:

Its non-greasy and lightweight nature caters to all skin types.

6. Cream cleansers:

These cleansers, optimized for dry skin, deliver superior moisturizing capabilities.

How To Use A Cleanser

For optimal cleansing, dampen your face with warm water first. Using a minuscule amount, massage cleanser onto your hands and then onto your face in circular motions. Cleanser removal requires warm water and a dry face. Facing the day and night with clean skin, face cleansing is essential, happening twice daily.

Benefits Of Using A Cleanser

With a cleanser, numerous benefits become available. A cleanser can help to:

1. The removal of dirt, oil, and makeup from the skin

2. Maintain skin health through cleanliness

3. Preventing acne and related problems

4. Improve skin appearance


At the core of a thorough skin care strategy, cleansers are vital for optimal results. The use of this product leads to cleaner, healthier skin, free from acne and other problems. Cleansing your skin is an effective way to boost its visual appeal.