A cosmetic operation aiming to form an upper eyelid crease is called double eyelid surgery (ตาสองชั้น, which is the term in Thai), sometimes called Asian eyelid surgery. Since a single eyelid without a distinct crease is typical in people of Asian heritage, this surgical procedure is very well-liked among them. This article explores the justification for double eyelid surgery, the actual technique, potential complications, and an assessment of its significance and impact.

Why Double Eyelid Surgery

The improvement of eye appearance is the main driver behind double eyelid surgery. Some Asian people may seek a more pronounced eyelid crease because having a single eyelid might make the eyes appear smaller and less distinct. Having a double eyelid can make the eyes appear bigger, brighter, and more open, which can boost a person’s confidence and improve the symmetry of their face, thus increasing the demand for surgery.

The Double Eyelid Surgery Process

During double eyelid surgery, specific incisions are made in the eyelid to create a surgical construction of an upper eyelid crease. Two basic strategies are used for this procedure. 

In the incisional method, the surgeon makes a series of small incisions on the upper eyelid to remove any excess skin or fat that may be present. The incisions are then repaired to create a double eyelid crease that looks natural.

The non-incisional method, commonly known as the “stitch” approach, uses sutures to establish the eyelid crease. The sutures, which can either be temporary or permanent depending on the patient’s choices, are positioned carefully to form the optimum crease.

Considerations For The Surgery

It is only a cosmetic procedure; double eyelid surgery is not medically necessary. People considering surgery should have realistic expectations and be informed of any risks. Although double eyelid surgery is mostly a safe procedure, it does have certain potential dangers, such as infection, scarring, excessive bleeding, and unpleasant anesthetic reactions.


In conclusion, double eyelid surgery is still a well-liked and effective option for people who want to improve the appearance of their eyes and other facial features. Double eyelid surgery is a procedure that can change one’s entire look and help them to gain confidence. The best technique depends upon your eyelid thickness, and the desired outcome will act upon it.