It isn’t clear whether ladies use alcohol-soaked tampons to get the desired ‘high’ or not however the truth is that in the USA region the rumor is spreading quickly. Actually, there are chances of women soaking the tampons with alcohol to enjoy the booze effect without anyone knowing that they are drunk. Some medical reports indicate that young ladies are using tampons to do a crazy act of getting boozed in a unique way.

However, the question in everyone’s mind is will an alcohol-soaked tampon get youdrunk. The answer is negative as a tampon can only hold approximately ten millimeters of fluid which isn’t enough to get drunk. A person so desperate to enjoy alcohol addiction needs detox treatment. There is no other place better than Detox to Rehab to get rid of alcoholic addiction.

Now, about the dangers of using alcohol-soaked tampons:

  • Surely the act is going to damage the sexual organs. The vagina is a quite delicate organ. It needs to be highly taken care of and any foreign material applied inside it would initiate infections that may prove fatal.
  • There are chances of urinary tract infection, which needs immediate medical treatment to curb the symptoms otherwise it will prove to be a great problem.
  • The person can endure pain which may increase if left untreated.
  • There may be cracks happening in the vaginal tissues.
  • There are chances of being affected by alcohol poison spreading in your internal private parts.
  • There are high chances of experiencing the symptoms of vagina ulcers. It can be because of the wet tampons expanding and that hurts the vaginal delicate tissues. It may even happen because the tampons soak the moisture of vaginal tissues leading to their dryness.

Hence, it is beneficial not to use alcohol-soaked tampons to enjoy the boozing effects.