No one will be surprised to realize that some people in another apartment are all awake for a match of soccer. Sleepless nights are like nothing in front of a high-octane match. People can even spend quite a few sleepless nights in a row when it comes to soccer. The world-famous leagues are something that people wait for all the year. It is no surprise to find people going into total frenzy over the recently released world cup schedule. People start deciding which match to watch and their life revolves around it at that point of time.

Even in this time of rewatches and highlights, live telecasts have still managed to stay popular. The feeling of capturing it in action is something else which cannot be fulfilled by the highlights. There is certain craziness around the matches which make them even more exciting. There are some facts about soccer which sounds almost crazy and it is true that the fans can go to certain extents for the team or player they support.

A beautiful and soothing green

The field where soccer is played seems to be created with some kind of sorcery. The precision with which it is maintained make it look like a too perfect to be true. Especially the drone view that we get during telecasts make the field looks too beautiful for the real world. Then there are players who looks like gliding over the filled with utmost ease. It is a view that is absent elsewhere. This very field is one of those things that make soccer even more beautiful and special.

The spectators add to the beauty of the game

As we come to the spectators, there are even more colorful scenes. Some people even go to the extent of dressing up in colorful traditional attire to support a team. Masks of players are nothing new to the viewers. Then come the wildly beautiful Mexican Wave. Spectators making a wave with their hands in perfect synchronization make the wave such a wonderful scene. The tears, the shouting, pour of love and celebration in the gallery is what makes soccer spectators special.

A fashion moment

Soccer players are known for their fashion on the field. From tattoos to quirky hair styles, they can do it all. In fact, some of these have gone famous among general public who did no late in following their fashion idol. Along with their skills, their fashion moments also make the players famous all over the world.

You can earn money while being an avid soccer fan

Your knowledge and enthusiasm of soccer can help you to make some money as well. Betting on soccer match results or the performance of a player is a common factor. The details in soccer match analysis (วิเคราะห์ บอล, term in Thai) play a major part in this. Diligently studying and gaining knowledge about all possible changes and impact on the upcoming game can help you with better chances of winning. When you want to earn some, make sure to put some time in it.