Congratulations on becoming a new parent! We’re sure that you’re going through a range of emotions, but don’t worry, this is all part of the process. To help you navigate the early stages of parenthood, here are some tips to ensure you not only survive but thrive during this precious time. Remember, every parent’s experience is unique, so don’t fall into the comparison trap. Instead, follow these tips so that you can make the most of once in a lifetime experience.

Embrace the Learning Curve:

Being a new parent comes with a steep learning curve, and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. Try to enjoy this journey of discovery and don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember, every parent starts with their first child, so take it one day at a time and trust your instincts.

Build a Support Network:

Don’t be afraid to reach out to family, friends, and other parents for support and guidance. Having a network of people who understand your challenges can provide reassurance and valuable advice when you need it most. Share experiences, but more importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Don’t Neglect Your Needs:

Taking care of yourself is crucial for your own well-being and your ability to care for your little one. Make self-care a priority by finding moments for relaxation, activities you enjoy, and time with your friends and loved ones. If you aren’t at your best, you can’t parent at your best, so make sure that you take advantage of the few quiet moments that you get to recharge.

Create a Routine:

A routine can be a lifesaver for new parents. Small children are magnets for chaos, and a routine is your best defence against it. Create a flexible schedule for feeding, sleeping, and playtime. Routines help babies feel secure, and they also provide parents with some predictability and structure.

Don’t Use Technology Too Much:

Screens aren’t bad for children, they just shouldn’t be used too much. The trick is to use them in moderation and to show your little one the right content – like kids cartoons. Limit the use of screens for brief periods throughout the day for things like watching fun cartoons, education, and video calls with family. This way, you can make screens part of a balanced activity schedule.


Being a new parent isn’t easy (hopefully this isn’t new information) but it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Follow these tips, cut yourself some slack, and take each day as it comes. Remember, most parents survive this stage, and by following these tips, you will too. Good luck!