Photography can be a really fun and interesting hobby – from taking pictures to editing them, there are so many creative things you can do with your camera! But just like any other skill, photography will only get better with practice. Did you know that some specific photography tips can help make your images stand out even more?

Tips for Beginners

For photographers just starting, there are a few essential tips that can help make your travel photography better.

1. Start with a plan. Before you even leave for your trip, map out what you want to shoot and timeline your trip accordingly. This will allow you to plan your shots as you go, and avoid any wasted time or missed opportunities.

2. Shoot in RAW format. Most digital cameras now offer the option to shoot in RAW format, which is a much more detailed version of the photo than JPEG. This allows you to fix any problems with your photos later on if needed, without losing any information.

3. Take plenty of backups. It’s always a good idea to take plenty of backups of your photos before departing, in case something happens to your original files while on your trip. Not having backup files can be frustrating if something goes wrong while shooting.

4. Avoid shutter lag and vibrations. Shutter lag is the delay between when you press the shutter button and when the photo appears on the screen. This can be caused by anything from shaky hands to slow equipment speeds. 

How To Light Your Photography

One of the most important aspects of good photography is lighting. Good lighting can make or break a photo, and it’s something that photographers often struggle with.

There are a few tips that can help photographers to improve their lighting skills. First, make sure to use natural light whenever possible. This means that you should avoid using artificial light whenever possible. Artificial light is often harsh and unflattering, making it difficult to capture the subtler details in your photos.

Second, experiment with different angles and positions when shooting your photos. You may be surprised at how different viewpoints can change the look of a photo completely. For example, shooting from high up can give an aerial perspective to your photo that you may not have considered before.

Finally, take time to experiment with different types of lenses. Marc Shaw Photography & Films Different lenses can help you capture different types of light, giving you more control over the look of your photos.